peer reviewed publications

[2008] Sonic Grid: An Auditory Interface for the Visually Impaired to Navigate GUI-based Environments
The Sonic Grid provides an auditory representation of GUI elements embedded in a two-dimensional interface, providing spatial context for use of auditory icons, ear-cons and speech feedback. In this paper, we outlined the participatory design process with members of the visually impaired community in Ahmadabad, India. We talk about some applications that could create a enjoyable learning experience for visually impaired children in context of our exploration of the benefits in using a two dimensional computing environment.

with Deepak Jagdish, Shreyas Nangia and Rahul Sawhney
[2006] Modeling an Experience Management Framework for Innovation in the Post-Harvest Industry
This was result of Ranjit and my efforts to understand the relationships between theories of organizational learning and innovation and the grounded, bricoleur approaches. We, like many others pointed to the disconnect between formal innovation systems and and knowledge systems of populations in developing regions as an opportunity for new products and services. Based on readings from the post-harvest industry, the paper attempts to draw a framework that can effectively connect the tacit knowledge of farmers and craftsmen to structured and organized knowledge strategies in corporations.

Be advised that most of this work was done while we were in the second year of our undergraduate at DA-IICT. The questions however have stuck with us, and still are a major source of our explorations and debates.

with Ranjit Singh; Mentors: Binita Desai and Shiv Visvanathan


[2008] United States Patent Application 20090319608: Automated Task Centered Collaboration
Automated Task centered collaboration system, that lowers the barrier for design and development of large scale data collection and collaboration.

with Robin Anil, Joseph Joy, Krishna Mehra and Gopal Srinivasa at Microsoft Research India
[2008] United States Patent Application 20100075697: WiFi and GSM Landmarks and Neighborhoods for Location Based Services
Techniques and applications of using device environments and neighborhoods to support mobile Location based Services.

with Prashanth Mohan and Lenin Ravindranath Sivalingam at Microsoft Research India

project reports etc.

[2006] Sonique: Leveraging Audio for Navigation in the Physical and Virtual Environments
A project that DJ, Syco, Yash and I worked on for more than an year, attempting to leverage sounds - music and voice, to create tools that could aid the visually impaired to navigate better in urban environments. We also experimented with spatial audio, two and three dimensional, to better understand how the GUI has changed how we think and interact with the computer. The project was mostly a learning in the nuances and complexities of our sensory systems. We constantly ran into limits of our perception of the world, and were given cues to imagining an aural and tactile universe.

  • possibilities we saw before we started: the dream
  • draft summer report of further research that exposed realities: summer research
  • a newspaper report about our presentation to bill gates: opinions


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