Geographic Narratives

“stories exist in time and space; they grow with sharing and are filled with new meaning each time they are retold”

My Role:

Concept Generation, XML Formats for Narratives, HTML/JS/ASP Prototyping, Mobile Prototypes, Web Application Interaction Design, Needs Assessment, Windows Live ID Integration

A Bangalore narrative on an early Virtual India Prototype System Workflow for Virtual India Narratives

Project Team:
Prateeksha Chandraghatgi
Joseph M. Joy
Gopal Srinivasa
Thanuja Priyadarshani
Joseph M. Joy
Yamini Kannan
Archana Prasad

As part of the Virtual India team at Microsoft Research India my aim was to design an infrastructure that would users to share narrative experiences. These could include travelogues, explorations, historical epics or any geographically-located stories.

For the design and implementation of such an infrastructure we looked at research and artifacts that have explored areas such as situated culture, located media, story-telling and design of maps as travelogues and narratives. The platform involved design of the technical architecture, data flow and user-interfaces.

The Narrative Design Application
System Workflow for VI The Narrative Designer allows users to create and share stories about personal events, epics, histories and myths. Media is submitted as an archive with an XML based descriptor file. The narratives can contain rich media, timelines and data imported via the Virtual India mobile client.