Meaningful Location

As the number of widely-available consumer devices with the ability to geolocate themselves increases, we are faced with a mass of location data about ourselves. This data is largely created, stored and shared in its most basic form, latitude and longitude coordinate pairs, which have little meaning for most users. These coordinates don't reflect the complex personal attitudes we have towards locations: this place is my home, not just a house or an address.

The goal of our project is to help people define categories of location that mean something to them and build a platform on which services can be built to take advantage of this more meaningful location information. We believe that by transforming location from coordinates data into meaningful categories, we can increase privacy by letting users share the relevant aspects of their location without exposing precise, real-time geolocation data.

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My Role:
Backend AppEngine Development in Python, Concept Generation, Design for Privacy, Literature Review

Project Team: